EZSolution Launches Breathtaking Website

Gnome Countryside is a breathtaking paradise and gnome biome nestled in the rolling hills of Amish farmland in southern Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Gnome Countryside celebrates the legends of the little people, the gnomes that act as caretakers for the forest and invites visitors to share in their love of nature and uniquely enchanted forest through educational guided nature tours. Tours are available for both individuals and group and school tours from April through October each year.

The Gnomeman, Rich Humphreys hired EZSolution to upgrade his website design and add additional information to attract more visitors to the site. EZSolution's designers updated the design with whimsical elements, rich forest imagery and an enchanting caricature of the Gnomeman, Mr. Rich. A new logo design was also added to further enhance the "magic".

Web design services and web hosting for this site is provided by EZSolution Corp. Should you have any issues while visiting this site, please contact the experts at EZSolution using the contact information included below. Questions about nature tours and pricing should be directed to Mr. Rich by calling 717-786-4928.

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